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Chop-Chop in Kazan

Chop-Chop is a premier Moscow-based barber shop chain with a relaxed attitude and a focus on traditional gentlemen's hair cuts. We don't care about our barbers' tattoos. We don't care who's in our barber chair, be it a student or a Forbes list member. All we think and care about is the quality of our services. And we humbly think we're the best out there. So, have a cup of nice coffee after getting your hair done, browse through our shelves offering top notch grooming products and remember that you now look awesome.

  • Haircut    1300 R.
  • Boy's     1000 R.
  • Buzz     500 R.
  • Hair styling    500 R.
  • Beard trim   500 R.
  • Wet shave   1000 R.
  • Special offer
  • Buzz + beard   1000 R.
  • Cut + beard     1800 R.
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Our product line

Simplify your everyday grooming regimen with our multitasking product line. Chop-Chop offers a wide array of styling and care products including hair pomades, daily shampoos and shaving essentials. Formulated by barbers with years of experience in men’s haircuts and style, all products are made locally in Moscow.

Популярное в интернет магазине

В интернет-магазине Chop-Chop Shop продаются наши любимые шампуни, стайлинговые средства, зубные пасты, бритвенные принадлежности и джентльменские аксессуары. Доставка — по всей России.

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To the shop
Something happened? Leave feedback or call to our manager +7 843 258-06-00
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